I am a multi-instrumentalist and music producer from Nottingham, UK. Growing up, there were so many musicians and dancers in the family that I was exposed to many genres, but I always had a proclivity for electronic music. So when I’m composing I never do a pure rock track or a pure piano track; there’s always an electronic element to it. There’s something hypnotic about pulsing synthesisers and ambient soundscapes, while at the same time introducing rich and warm bodied guitars, beats and vocals – I’m always looking to subtly introduce multiple dimensions into any track. This is also reflected in working with diverse international artists and producers from Singapore and Croatia in particular. I love collaborating and having productive but fun sessions in the studio; it always shows in the final product I think.

I write music from a deep, emotional place rather than from a programmatic, mechanical one. This is reflected in my classical music tastes; I prefer Satie over Mozart. I’m looking forward to releasing more music this year and doing more in film; this has always been my ambition ever since I heard Eric Serra’s soundtrack in the Luc Besson film Nikita. Other influences: Tangerine Dream, Michel Cretu, Mogwai… My music has been Sync’d into programmes such as Netflix’ Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and I’ve also published with a variety of labels including Blue Pie Records, WOA Records, and Electronic Rumours. Thank you. Pat.

Please email at patkeista@gmail.com for any enquiries.

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Grade 5 Music Theory
Grade 6 Piano

Past Bands:
Diphthong Sound Club (Ocarina, Chillout)
Major 7th (Rock)
Sutra asia (Ethnic World)

Music and the Arts is core to his family background. His mother is a dance teacher, his father a relative of author Alexander Dumas, while his partner Joanna is a script writer.