Still of the Void is my second ambient album. Inspired by Mars and the various space administration missions there, the album sonically explores the dark and light sides of the mysterious Red planet. It muses on Mars’ and humanity’s place in the void of space. The existential stillness is ominous yet hopeful. Let the music take you on a journey from dark introspections of Antikythera (track 1) to the enlightened understanding in Variable Star (track 10). I offer this to you for free, out of love. If you want to make a donation to support my future studio releases, then thank you very much. I took 6 months to make Still of the Void. I indulged in a great deal of experimentation, even making field recordings of the insides of freezers, fridges and other mechanical devices. This is what I love about making soundscapes. Every sound is connected to the Universe, no matter how small or strange.


Inspired by the Apollo moon landing in 1969 – 50 years ago. This EP “E11EVEN” was written in San Francisco, Sausalito and Nottingham. It forms part of an EP “E11EVEN” which launches on 20th July 2019 – the day of the moon landing. More info on Pat Keista (producer, composer) at


LUFS -16db
Keylab25 keyboard / control surface
Arturia analog soft synths
EQ treatment with Soothe plugin
Features a train track sample I recorded with H4nPro
Features a reverse sample of my acoustic guitar
Strings sampled and performed by Keista using a Stentor violin
Instagram Image for E11EVEN
Cover Art for E11EVEN Bandcamp Release