New release: Angels

I’m thrilled to announce the release of “Angels” on all platforms! It is also available on Bandcamp:

This latest release, is a five track creative journeying cumulating over 10 years that speaks to self-reflection, exposition, yearning and finally having arrived both in life and musically. 
The EP, vocally and musically with it’s more mellow pace, tone and subtle composition captures a range of emotions that are in places uplifting to unsettled wrenching, as it reaches through that most exquisite of human experiences – the seeking of meaning beyond our consequential and inconsequential existence; to a state where we can ‘hear Angels sing’. 

“Angels” encapsulates our wrestling with the challenges to keep perspective, seek understanding when in the midst of life’s circumstances. “Angels” is an earthy, natural musical grasp for meaning; a reach for understanding that ultimately channels music as therapy. 

The EP opens with “Home” that captures the uplifting innocence of hope, where hope speaks of connection. 
“Angels sing”,the second track from which the EP title has been inspired is a tenderly pieced together vocal over piano. A gentle though ardent track that takes you within deep and anchors you in that search for meaning in questioning. 
The third track “Show me” is a pure reflective, elevating piano composition that is both centering and soothing as if inspired by Angels or perhaps Angel’s music that resides in us. 
“Brandy Dreams” follows with its soft whispering opening to build to the most emotive of tracks vocally from Pat Keista. The vocal range emotes our uniquely human yearning for another. 
The EP’s closing track “Shudder” shifts it up a level with an esoteric trip-hop lounge rock vibe that plays with smooth instrumental, rhythmic ease, an ebb and flow of arriving on the shores – the dawn of a new beginning. 

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