New Release “Smooth Control”

Its been a while, “hello”. Here comes something new for Pat Keista fans – its a chillout album that takes you on a deep and dubby spiritual journey from Indochina to Ibiza.

“Smooth Control” sees me return to a universal truth – diversity. While being profoundly of the chillout cloth, the album draws on diverse and unusual instruments from around the world which were performed and sampled by Pat Keista. Stylistically it is a study of deep dubby basslines, beats, and chord progressions; a Rhodes organ is sent into new worlds with progressive stochastic FX equipment. Sail into peaceful worlds and be utterly transported. 

The album is inspired by and dedicated to an old friend Syd Banks, who was and still is my guru. His message, like many spiritual ones, is of oneness. In a pandemical world, oneness has been missing in humanity; we have been shut off from each other for too long. We need to reintegrate. Musically is one way; that’s smooth.

As an indie musician I would really appreciate your support so i can keep doing what i love. life is short isnt it? I hope you are following your dreams too. Stay true x

“Smooth Control” is released on 20th August at: as well as Spotify etc.

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