Happy New Year! Ambient Album “Digital Hydrogen” released and reviewed

Hi folks, DIGITAL HYDROGEN has just been released. If you’re following me on bandcamp, you’ll already know about it 🙂 With DH, I strode into a new gear of musicianship and production, immersed in a warm and epic ocean of analog synthesis. Digital Hydrogen is an exploration of meditation, exploration and epiphany in space and time. I drew inspiration from Tangerine Dream in the 1970s (Phaedra, Rubycon, Ricochet). Shimmering timbres and expressive arrangements launch the mind into the humanistic possibilities of space exploration and existence. Hydrogen is the most abundant particle in outer space, whether in the so-called ‘vacuum’ of space or within any Star. Hydrogen is our lifeblood; we are free-floating, spatial, non-temporal particles in an infinite universe. A beautiful thought and meditative epiphany to behold. 

FromeFM DJ Ant says the following about Digital Hydrogen: “Lush textures within an enveloping aura that holds the listener in a state of ambient bliss.

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