Fab Review of E11EVEN in LeftLion

The first review is in and its a scorcher! So pleased with this effusively positive review of my new album dedicated to the @apollo_50th anniversary of the moon landing:


Extract: “[the album] embodies the cosmological adventure that Apollo 11 undertook pretty chuffin’ well. It’s very clear from the opening track that there is a strong narrative throughout, and a range of genres are used very cleverly to portray different emotions and help Pat tell the story.

For example, Alla Luna is a 14-minute-long journey in itself and the opening sequence draws from ambient electronic influences. As the track grows a synthesizer starts to pulse, replicating expertly the tension but excitement that surrounded Apollo 11’s blast off into outer space.

It’s also important to mention his use of traditional orchestral music to highlight the beauty and peacefulness of space. This is evident in the track Sole which has an overall calmness about it, but is intersected with little stabs of drama which still highlight the magnitude of the journey. Final track Urano opens with nothing else but the sound of wind, which transports you to the vast desert that is the surface of the moon. As the piece progresses there is a hint of hopefulness and celebration in the music and it truly feels like a track made for a grand setting.

Overall E11EVEN is a piece that is expertly put together by Pat, clearly an expert in his field. His ability to produce imagery though music is what makes this a standout piece of work and inspires the listener’s imagination. It allows you to travel through the journey to the moon from the comfort of your own home.” (Rory Evans)

Pat Keista released his album E11EVEN on 20 July. 

The album is available at: https://patkeista.bandcamp.com/album/e11even





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