Pat Keista (musician)

Pat Keista is a musician and producer and takes post-genre approach to music. He studied classical music under LRAM private tuition from the age of 9. On leaving University he began working with many and varied musicians particularly in the Ambient, Celtic, New Age, World, and Electronic genres. Patrick’s first commission was for Singapore’s national radio broadcaster (as well as a commission for a piece for performance at the United Nations headquarters in New York). His music was subsequently played widely including Singapore Airlines, BBC Radio, ITV2 and published on a variety of labels including Blue Pie Records, WOA Records, Sync Shoppe (Paris, BMI related) and Electronic Rumours. 

Active Projects:

Pat Keista (Ambient, Space)

Weeva (Dance, Electronic, Chillout)

Shuna (Celtic piano)

Il Venius (World, New Age, Pop-classical)


Rave reviews from a variety of sources including Leftlion, Ambient.Zone (TC), Peter Van Cooten (Concertzender), BBC’s DJ Dean Jackson, Justin Stoney (New York Vocal Coaching), Clive ‘Crash’ Lewis, and Visions Magazine. 

Has Produced:

James Mulholland (KBC, Techniques)

Nuradee (Singapore)

Atman (Singapore)

Sample TV/Movie Syncs:

Netflix (Comedians and Coffee), Real Housewives Of Atlanta (ITV2, ITVBe), Run’s House (MTV), Inner Space (Canadian (SOCAN) Films), Say Yes To The Dress (TLC Russia, Danish (KODA) Films, Swedish (STIM) Films), TLC, Married To Medicine (itvBe), E News Live, Snapped Killer Couples, Lycanthropy (Rotunda Films)


Pat Keista: “E11EVEN”, “Sound of the Void”; Shuna: “Hill of Thumb” (Blue Pie Records); Brandy in Geneva: “Weekend Heroes” (Blue Pie Records); Diphthong Sound Club: “Iota” (Goa Chillout Zone 3, WOA Records); Weeva: “Don’t You Want to Love (remix)” (Electronic Rumours), “The Promise” (Amuse).


Grade 5 Music Theory

Grade 6 Piano

Past Bands:

Diphthong Sound Cub (Ocarina, Chillout)

Major 7th (Rock)

Sutra asia (Ethnic World)


Music and the Arts is core to his family background. His mother is a dance teacher, his father a relative of author Alexander Dumas, his uncle Roger and cousin Ian are accomplished performers of English folk music, while his partner Joanna is a script writer.


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